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Real Time DTDC Courier Tracking

DTDC Courier Tracking Status – Get accurate DTDC courier shipment status online.You need airway bill number or DTDC courier reference number to track parcel online.The courier company will provide you either air waybill number or reference number.Since DTDC delivers by their surface mode, a customer often receives consignment tracking number.

  • Get consignment code
  • Enter numbers in the tracking box
  • Click on “Track Button” to view parcel location status

Track Consignment Number

Please note you can track consignment number using multiple ways:

  1. Using mobile tracking application
  2. Online official web tracker tool
  3. Sending SMS
  4. Besides this, you can track the shipment by email.

Tracking by consignment no:

Yes,you can track courier shipment via consignment number.They provide you the unique tracking no which can be track after shipping.This consignment updates time to time on real time basis.

Contact No:
You can find contact number & customer care for each branch in India.Please check the pin code and find the location details to know exact contact details.

People also asked:

Docket tracking
Docket number comes with your receipt paper.Find it on the front side of your receipt and put it in the tracking box.

How can I track the shipment?
We have included the tracking box inside the page.Please wait few moments until the box appears when you see it enter the tracking number.Click on track button for live DTDC courier status.

Why My parcel shipment getting delayed?
This is controlled by DTDC transport service, however normally within 3 to 5 business days they deliver the parcel at your home.

Why I can’t track my consignment number here?
If it shows error there may be few possible reasons:

  1. Wrong Number – please ensure that you typed right tracking number.One single digit wrong entry will lead the wrong status.
  2. Just shipped – Many times it happens that it takes the time to update on their server.In this case, you are advised to wait 1 or 2 days.
  3. AWB redirected – If any special reason AWB redirects then you need fresh docket no before you track.Still, have problems contact customer care.

Out Of delivery Area : If you experience out of delivery area,it means they don’t have service in your location.You need to visit their office for collecting parcel before it returns to the origin.

Consignee not available! If you don’t receive phone or the office unable to contact you it shows this error.Please switch on your phone until delivery made to you.

Available Tracking Tools
Check courier status online.Find DTDC courier status with consignment number.Collect consignment number for live shipment tracking status.

How they show courier status?
DTDC takes a copy of your consignment number.After 24 hrs of shipping, they update the location details in their server.When you request the shipment status it fetches database result.The database keeps updating until it delivers to you.

When they contact consignee person?
Before delivery, they will contact you.please access your phone all the time.

Does Company provide International services?
Yes,They have an international delivery option.However in a case of international delivery you need to follow their policies.

MY consignment get stuck ?
sometimes Parcel stuck in the same place due to heavy congestion in the delivery process.You might have a bad experience with them but it needs time to process all parcels.

Official Website : https://dtdc.in/

DTDC Courier Tracking Infographics

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